Ultimate Bike Chain Cleaning Tool

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The Ultimate Bike Chain Cleaning Tool uses a superior 4 roller brush system and combined with the large wiper sponge will help extend the lifespan of your chain.  Great use for mountain bikers or for day-to-day bicycle users, a cleaner bike chain gives smoother gear switching and a more comfortable ride.  The 4-roller brushes and foam pad can be easily removed for cleaning after use.  

Ultimate Bike Chain Cleaning Tool

Dirty drivetrains shift poorly and wear out prematurely which is why it is very important to clean your chain regularly. Ultimate Bike Chain Cleaning Tool is a safe, fuss-free and mess-free way to effectively clean chains keeping the drivetrain performing efficiently. 

Ultimate Bike Chain Cleaning Tool


  • Split Design Casing: The split design means chain removal isn't necessary and handheld operation is easy 
  • Refill Hole: the porthole in the top allows you to add your preferred chain cleaning fluid (degreaser not included)
  • Large reservoir for in-depth cleaning
  • The large sponge soaks up solvent from the chain as it exits the cleaner, reducing drips and mess 
  • Clip on the handle for ease of use and better control 
  • Internal stiff bristle rotating brushes clean the chain on all sides 

Ultimate Bike Chain Cleaning Tool


Follow These 7 Easy Steps

Ultimate Bike Chain Cleaning Tool

Ultimate Bike Chain Cleaning Tool


Q. Will this work by just running the chain backwards?

A. Yes, you position the device over the chain, pull down a little, and run the chain backward.

Q. I have a very thin chain for a 1x11 mountain bike will it clean/fit between a very thin chain?
A. Yes it is compatible with all chains.

Q. Does using this require a bike stand?
A. Not at all! I use it pedaling backwards so the tire doesn't move and its fine. It works great, although a bike stand would help a lot its definitely not a requirement

Q. Does this make a mess
A. Not at all! 

Q. Will this work with a single gear wheel like a Fixie? Or a regular single speed cruiser?
A. Yes, I have a single gear myself and it works great.

Q. Is the brush good for cleaning sprockets?
A. Yes, that is what the brush is designed for. The brush should be kept free of heavy grease build up by cleaning the bristles with a degreaser and rag.